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The Future of IT

IT has been an enabling technology for practically every kind of industry and has also helped with every type of work one can imagine.

The event looks at the current state of 20 critical functions in information technology and emerging trends such as in the two lists below. We will have some of the best and most respected industry experts present a) the current state, and also b) where each will move to in the coming years.

Critical Functions in Information Technology:

  1. Information Management
  2. Information Technology Support Services
  3. Educational Technology
  4. Research Computing
  5. Communication Infrastructure
  6. Enterprise Infrastructure
  7. Information Security
  8. Information Systems & Applications
  9. Other IT

Future Industry Trends

12 Emerging Trends –  Degree to which Business / Governance  believe emerging technologies will have an impact in next 4 Years.

  1. Machine Learning – Business  92% / Govt. 90%
  2. Internet of Things – Business 91% / Govt. 88%
  3. Block Chain – Business 90% / Govt. 82%
  4. Quantum Computing – Business 85% / Govt. 80%
  5. 3D Printing – Business 83% / Govt. 80%
  6. Robotics – Business 81% / Govt. 72%
  7. Biometrics – Business 80% / Govt. 82%
  8. Augmented Reality (AR) – Business 80% / Govt. 77%
  9. Artificial Intelligence – Business 79% / Govt. 75%
  10. Virtual Intelligence – Business 79% / Govt. 75%
  11. Virtual Reality (VR) – Business 76% / Govt. 74%
  12. Drones – Business 72% / Govt. 66%
  13. Autonomous Vehicles – Business 70% / Govt. 63%

Why attend?

Current and Future IT Trends

Ensure you’re up-to-date on the top trends, including the latest on 20 selected IT topics.

High-tech Connect suisse Research

Hear from High-tech Connect suisse (HTCs) as we supplement the topics covered with exclusive HTCs research.

Top 25 European IT Startup List

We’ll be unveiling the Top 25 IT Startup List – a ranking of the 25 most promising private IT startups and SMEs in Europe.

Impressive Speakers

An astoundingly impressive C-suite and founder-heavy speaker lineup.

Fireside Chat Format

Fireside chat format between speakers and leading industry journalists. No panels or canned presentations.

1:1 Meetings

Unlimited number of 1:1 networking opportunities with senior-level attendees and startup CEOs/founders.

Global Audience

Meet founders and others attending from around the world, including US, India, and China.

No Paying Speakers

No pay-to-play speakers aka no ‘sales pitches’ on stage.

We will discuss in top expert fireside chats such as topics as

  • How can IT departments evolve and take on a more strategic business role towards a data- and technology-driven future?
  • Will IT remain the leading enabling technology for most other industries?
  • Has IT by itself created more jobs than it made obsolete?
  • «Informatik in der Schweiz – Eine Erfolgsgeschichte verpasster Chancen», still or – even more – valid today? If so what can Switzerland do to catch up?

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